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Our Purpose. Our Planet.

Generative Generation

As the first-generation confronting climate change, we’re driven by a vision: collaborate with nature for greater sustainability. This guides our leadership in innovative, eco-conscious aquaculture.

Planet Protectors

The future of our planet rests in our hands, and we are the first and last generation with the power to address climate change. To create more from less, we must collaborate with nature and embrace a sustainable purpose.

The Global Challenge

The world faces monumental challenges, from climate crisis to population explosion. By 2050, we anticipate a population of 9.7 billion, demanding increased food production, clean water, and liveable spaces. It’s time to regenerate and revolutionize.
  • Global warming
  • Population surge
  • Unsustainable demand
  • Resource depletion

The Seafood Solution

At Eyvi, we emulate nature’s wisdom. Our Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) provide perfect aquatic conditions on land, ensuring stress-free environments for thriving fish. The result? Healthy protein products, sustainably produced in an environment:
  • No diseases
  • No parasites
  • No escapes
  • No micro-plastics

The Sustainable Solution

Efficient filtration and purification techniques in our RAS systems conserve water and resources. Fish waste nutrients enhance agricultural land, fostering nutrient-rich crops. This holistic approach ensures a healthier fish and planet by highly reducing:
  • water consumption
  • production footprint
  • feed requirements
  • carbon footprint

Generating More with Less

RAS is a fully controlled and enclosed environment constantly removing CO2, particles and nutrients. When utilising freshwater in production, the removed particles can be used to produce a high value organic fertiliser. In fact, this is a regenerative system that produces more organic fertiliser than is needed to produce the fish feed itself.


When producing saltwater species like salmon, Flow Through Reuse systems provide a sustainable landbased alternative to RAS utilizing seawater for production. Typically, a RAS system reuses 99,9% of the water while Reuse systems reuse 30-50 %, requiring a less technology intensive system set-up. Both systems provide excellent rearing conditions and water quality.

We believe the key to a sustainable future is learning from nature and embracing the regenerative revolution. Our RAS technology has an optimal design with premium water quality leading to excellent fish health with no viruses, parasites or diseases to worry about.
One Eyvi RAS facility of approximately 27,000m2 provides 10,000 tons of fish per annum – which equates to 25 million dinner portions a year. To provide a daily meal of 250g of fish to 9 billion people, would require only 0.1% of US land area. This shows that it is possible to feed the world sustainably and responsibly.
RAS uses less land, less water and less feed than required to produce other sources of protein. For example, to produce 1kg of fish requires 109,000 times less land than needed for 1kg of beef. Additionally, the water needed to produce 1kg of beef will support up to 33kg of fish, and the feed needed to produce 1kg of beef would yield approximately 8kg of fish.