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This is Eyvi

Eyvi may be new as a company, but as a team we are certainly no strangers. With more than 80 years of aquaculture industry experience between us, the Eyvi team has been involved in the design and delivery of 16 thriving production facilities, including 58 RAS departments, the most recent being the world’s largest. We have always been driven by an unwavering focus on innovation, guided by our passion for quality and sustainability.

As Eyvi we are able to nurture our energy and expertise on our own terms. We believe that delivering the best possible solutions demands that we never settle – not with our technology, not with our inclusive client approach and certainly not on fish performance. The world is constantly evolving, and so are we.

We’re here to design, deliver and maintain your custom made turnkey facility, with fish performance of the highest level. Ready when you are.

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