This is Eyvi

Our passion and dedication is the magic fuel that enables the Eyvi team to go the extra mile. It helps us push the limits of what we do and what can be done, keeping us alert, prepared and vigilant at all times.

Our experience and competence allowed us to participate on all levels of the design and delivery of 16 fish production plants, all still successfully operating. The delivered production plants include 58 fully operational RAS departments, treating almost 140.000 m3 rearing volume of water and offering our clients the opportunity to produce 80 million smolt per year.

Portrett Heidi Kyvik


Heidi Kyvik

Heidi has ten years of experience within the Aquaculture industry. She developed and introduced the concept of turnkey facilities into the aquaculture market and has been responsible for the design and sale of 11 turnkey and aquaculture process plants. Heidi is CEO, with special focus on strategy and commercial activities at Eyvi.

Portrett Ann-Kristin Lund


Ann-Kristin Lund

Ann-Kristin has 25 years of management experience from international companies with operations worldwide. She has the overall responsibility for Eyvi's economic and financial position, including administration, reporting, analysis and planning.

Portrett Jacek Orlowski


Jacek Orlowski

Jacek has 10 years of experience within water treatment processes in Aquaculture (RAS), Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants and Industrial projects. Jacek has experience in delivering 15 aquaculture turnkey and process plants worldwide and he has the overall responsibility for all engineering operations at Eyvi.

Portrett Andreas Ligård Brunstad

Process director, M.Sc.

Andreas Ligård Brunstad

Andreas has nine years of experience as Lead Process Engineer on turnkey and process plants, delivering 14 aquaculture turnkey and process plants. Andreas is responsible for process design and innovation projects at Eyvi. With his extensive knowledge from the aquaculture industry Andreas has special focus in implementing solutions to secure biosecurity and fish welfare.

Portrett Torgeir Vreim

Project Director

Torgeir Vreim

Torgeir has 20 years of project and process experience, with his last five years as Project Manager for aquaculture turnkey and process plants. He has delivered four aquaculture turn-key and process plants as project leader since 2015 and is now responsible for the execution of RAS projects at Eyvi.

Portrett Knut Hofseth

Fish Production Director

Knut Hofseth

Knut has more than 20 years of experience as Operations Manager for land- and sea-based aquaculture production. Knut is responsible for fish production planning in Eyvi. He has a special focus on user experience and operational design.

Portrett Soumiki Ram

CAD/BIM Manager, B.Sc.

Soumiki Ram

Soumiki has 20 years of experience in mechanical and structural engineering and has been responsible for BIM/CAD on 10 aquaculture turn-key and process plants and multiple Wastewater Treatment Plants. Soumiki is now responsible for the implementation of BIM at Eyvi.

Portrett Tommy Sandvik

Service Operations Manager

Tommy Sandvik

Tommy has eleven years of experience with installation, commissioning and project execution worldwide. Between March 2018 and August 2019 he was the Site Manager on the largest land-based aquaculture production plant built worldwide. Tommy is responsible for service operations and site management at Eyvi.

Portrett Kasper Uppstad Macdonald

Site Manager

Kasper Uppstad Macdonald

Kasper has seven years of experience as Instrumentation Engineer. In 2019 he was Head of assembly on the largest land-based aquaculture production plant built worldwide. At Eyvi he is responsible for on-site installation, commissioning and coordination.

Portrett Øyvind Oppheim

Mechanical Engineering Manager

Øyvind Oppheim

Øyvind has eight years of experience working as a Project Engineer within fish handling and water treatment systems. He has been a process engineer on three aquaculture turn-key and process plants since 2018. Øyvind is responsible for mechanical engineering at Eyvi.

Portrett Aleksandra Gorska

Process Engineer, M.Sc.

Aleksandra Gorska

Alexandra has four years of experience working with process design in aquaculture in Norway and she has delivered process design on five aquaculture turn-key and process plants since 2016. Aleksandra is responsible for process design at Eyvi.

Portrett Michal Jodango

CAD/BIM Coordinator, M.Sc.

Michal Jodango

Michal has six years of experience as a CAD Engineer, and has delivered 3 aquaculture turn-key and process plants as a CAD/Mechanical Engineer. Michal is the CAD/BIM coordinator at Eyvi and is responsible of facilitating construction by applying BIM and CAD technologies in the design phase.