Hatchery facilities

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Tailor-made production solutions

Land-based hatchery facilities rapidly increase in size when production moves towards larger smolt on land. The volumes and capacities needed for this shift in production dynamic demands increased supplier competence, as production becomes more industrialized.

Securing a successful upscaling Eyvi constantly rethinks fish farming, the use of technology and how we operate. Comprehensive planning that combines process and civil engineering eliminates unclear interfaces and secures the highest level of biosecurity and production performance. By maintaining a high level of responsibility we ensure that we manage risk, cost, delivery and quality control, to secure our clients’ values.

Partnership with Total Betong

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Total Betong is one of the worlds most experienced civil constructions companies within EPC projects for the aquaculture industry.

The Eyvi team and Total Betong share a great deal of experience in designing, building and delivering turnkey land-based production facilities. Our approach is dynamic and collaborative; we involve our clients in shaping every stage of the projects, so that each production facility is unique to the clients needs.

We stay hands-on until performance is fully optimized.

Market dynamics shifting in favor of aquaculture value chain becoming more land based.

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