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Our People & Potential

Leading the Landbased Revolution

Eyvi is the forefront provider of freshwater landbased RAS technology and seawater Flow-trough/reuse systems. Whether it is RAS or Flow-through, Eyvi offer turn-key solutions that encompass pre-development, full design/engineering, and project execution. With a strong focus on animal welfare, we will provide solutions for healthy food production with a positive impact on the planet, as we promote the well-being of both people and the environment with a sustainable profit for our clients.

A Strategic Partner

Eyvi disproves the misconception that sustainability compromises profitability. We integrate sustainable practices across all operations, demonstrating that it’s the key to long-term financial success. As a strategic partner, Eyvi focuses on:


  • Generating better products
  • Generating better processes
  • Generating better partnerships
  • Generating better profit


We apply our knowledge, experience, and passion, continuously evolving technology, our client approach, and fish performance. Eyvi is the ideal partner for designing, delivering, and maintaining your custom turn-key facility with top-notch fish performance. Our commitment to sustainable planning ensures a healthier future for the planet and its people. Together, we lay the foundation for a prosperous tomorrow.

Our Dedicated Team

Boasting over 80 years of combined aquaculture industry experience, we’ve contributed to the design and delivery of 24 thriving production facilities, including 62 RAS departments—our latest being the world’s largest. Driven by an unwavering focus on innovation, quality, and sustainability, we push boundaries, staying alert, prepared, and vigilant at all times.
Kjetil IsaksenCEO
Kjetil manages Eyvi’s day-to-day operations to ensure implementation and operationalization of the corporate strategies. He has 15 years of top management experience in various positions within the construction industry.
Heidi KyvikCBDO
With a decade in the industry, Heidi revolutionized aquaculture by introducing the pre-development model and turn-key solutions into the market. She is the former CEO and one of the founders of Eyvi. As Eyvi’s CBDO, she is responsible for Eyvi’s strategic and commercial developments.
Ann-Kristin LundCFO
With almost 30 years of global management experience, Ann-Kristin oversees Eyvi’s financial position, including reporting, analysis, and planning. Ann-Kristin is also responsible for the HR, IT, Marketing and Administration functions.
Torgeir VreimCCO
Torgeir has more than 20 years of project and process experience, including seven years as Project Manager for aquaculture turn-key and process plants. Now, he leads pre-study/tender projects and digital solutions at Eyvi.
Jacek OrlowskiCTO
Jacek has 15 years of experience in water treatment processes from aquaculture, municipal wastewater treatment, and industrial projects, and has delivered 17 global aquaculture- and process facilities. Now, he leads Eyvi’s engineering operations.
Karl LevinsenProject Director
Karl has more than 25 years of experience in project execution. He has delivered large and complex turn-key projects within the oil & gas industry, aquaculture, and process facilities. Karl is responsible for the execution of projects at Eyvi.
Christoffer ChristiansenAM & Service Director
Christoffer has more than 12 years of experience with project management and management positions within the oil & gas industry. He is responsible for developing and managing the aftermarket and service segment at Eyvi.
Andreas Ligård BrunstadProcess Director
Andreas has since 2011 been involved in the development, execution, and optimisation of more than a dozen aquaculture facilities. At Eyvi he oversees process design and innovation projects with a specific focus on biosecurity and fish welfare.
Lene NordvikManaging Director USA
Lene has a solid background in project management, mastering concepts of innovation, entrepreneurship, product development and project execution, from construction, aquaculture and general industry. Lene is managing Eyvi USA..
Hans SannesProcurement Manager
Hans has 10 years of experience in supply chain, mainly procurement, and has previously worked as a supply chain manager, project manager, procurement manager and country manager. At Eyvi, he manages the procurement department.
Kristina HagenHR Business Partner
Kristina is responsible for coordinating, implementing, and running the Eyvi HR tasks, aligning Eyvi’s people strategy with the business strategy. She has 13 years of experience from various positions in the Norwegian Armed Forces.
Mathilde KopstadAdministration & Communication Associate
Mathilde has several years of experience in retail and customer service, which have equipped her with strong coordination and communication skills. Her responsibilities at Eyvi include administration, marketing, and communication tasks.

The Future Opportunity

We proactively plan for the future, anticipating challenges and opportunities. Our commitment to sustainable production is evident in our monitoring capabilities, circular mindset, and adaptability. Leveraging advanced technology, we aim for optimal outcomes while prioritising environmental integrity.

At Eyvi, we understand the direct impact of our actions on human health and the planet. Our sustainable seafood production not only offers healthy options but does so in an ecologically responsible manner. We believe landbased aquaculture is the future for sustainable seafood, allowing us to meet the demand while safeguarding oceans and ecosystems for today and tomorrow.